My Pledge

Welcome to the very first post of what I hope will be a place for good.

First off – find us on Facebook! Or, follow us on Twitter… @dontsayimcrazy.

So, here I am. My name is Alexandra and I am hoping that this project becomes a sort-of soap box for me and, well, my opinions on all things mental health. Be that sharing articles, writing about my experiences, raising awareness or breaking down the taboo, I hope to do it here. So that’s my pledge – I will be totally honest, warts and all, because I have nothing to hide.

I don’t want to go in too heavy on this first post though, so I’ll keep the synopsis of my mental health history brief. I’m sure I’ll go into it in more detail later, but for now let it suffice to let you know the headlines.

In 2012 I had my first episode of manic psychosis. Since then I’ve been under an Early Intervention team here in the UK and I’ve tried out all sorts of different medications (and seem to have found one that works now! Fingers crossed on that one…). My official diagnosis is Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar type. Somehow I’ve never been sectioned, but I have had a few spells in the crisis houses; every stay has been a positive experience for me that has helped me get better each time.

I guess that’s it in a nutshell. I am planning to write more and elaborate on my experiences over the coming posts.

Thanks for reading, glad to have you on board!

My Pledge

One thought on “My Pledge

  1. jimbo52 says:

    nice to see what you’re saying, support is vital 24/7 .It comes in many forms, from friends and professional sources, and I know the support you have will always be there. It’s never easy to recognise the symptoms of bi polar , but, if you know what to look for and how to be able to help it’s a great bonus. Never think for one moment that the sufferer is cured and all is fine, support is a lifelong effort, and can be very intense at times, i know from personal experience, 6 weeks,, 16 hours a day helping someone very dear to me. Things seem fine now, but the support goes on and will continue to do so. Good luck with this site Alley and and I’ll add comments if I need too. I hope you get a good response here


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