Guest Article – On Those Who Help

This is a guest article from my husband in which he speaks and praises mental health services.

I could go on about how hard mental health problems are on the ones around the sufferer. How they have to keep up with the changes in mood, and make sure they help out as much as they can. But I won’t, as that’s not the point. We do it out of love, and so any help we offer is effortless as they would do the same for you if they could.

What I want to express is my gratitude to the teams of people that are around to help my wife and others through what is for some, the worst times of their life. To the people who are there for the carers to make sure they know there is help for them to. To the people in the houses whose primary job is to look out, speak with and in some cases just offer a hug to the people going through this.

We live in a country, where there is help and its there at no cost to you. These people have been in my home, have spoken to me and my wife and who have let us both know there is light at the end of tunnel.

I feel so connected with these people, that I will be sad to see them leave when they go off to other jobs, and to help other people. In a world of ignorance towards this disease these are the people fighting the good fight.

I don’t want sympathy for what I have had to go through with my wife. We are a team, and I would do anything for her. What I want is for people to notice that this is a big issue, to go into fields of charity, research and nursing in order to help the people going through these kind of problems. I want people who are still suffering to get the help needed, and to be touched by the people out there who just want to help, not for glory or sympathy, but because they can.


Guest Article – On Those Who Help

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