mind.org.uk – An Overview of a Great Resource

Mind.org.uk is a UK based mental health charity which works to support and inform those with mental illness as well as those who are interested in learning more about the world of mental health.

Their site is incredibly informative and easy to navigate – including a ‘not sure where to start’ link on the front page that takes you to an initial menu of pages to read including mental health problems, supporting those who suffer, drugs and treatments, tips for everyday living and a link to their helpline.

The A to Z of mental health issues lists the diagnoses and links to easy to digest information about each. From depression, to bipolar and onto schizophrenia, each diagnosis page is split into sections; about, diagnosis and causes, treatment and support, self-help, friends and family and useful contacts. It is a great place to start if you’re newly diagnosed and need more information about it.

They also have personal accounts listed on each diagnosis page – the stories are from people who live with and have experienced mental illness. They are a great resource that shows the human side of the labels given and the people who have shared on the site give a voice to those who suffer.

Currently, mind.org.uk is running a campaign to bring mental health to the table in the run up to the General Election 2015. They have written a manifesto  ‘Take action for better mental health’ that aims to bring the topic of mental health to the front of the debate. This is a great initiative as having enough funding for early intervention in mental health issues can save the NHS money in the long-term.

The section on mental health at work offers support and guidance to employees and employers and should be the first stop for any employer wanting to make sure their employees are well supported in the workplace. They also offer consultancy and training to work places.

Mind also offer helplines where you can talk to someone about what you are experiencing.

Check out mind.org.uk and see what they offer for yourself – it is a great resource and one that people can really make good use of.

mind.org.uk – An Overview of a Great Resource

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