Hump-Day Happy Hour 25/03/15

Although we in the UK are officially over the hump of the working week, I know other timezones are still climbing that hill. Here’s the debut Hump-Day Happy Hour post:

First up is this petition to ask to reinstate CAMHS in Kingston-upon-Hull where Masie’s family lives. Masie herself is being held in a psychiatric facility 42 miles away from home. Masie is also 13 years old and autistic. The petition is aiming for 8,000 signatures and is very nearly there, so if you have a few minutes sign it and show your support!

OK onto the cute. For me, there’s nothing like cute animal stories to put a smile on my face no matter my mood. My favourite this week has been the puppy photo booth story here. What’s not to love about those cute canine faces?

What else? My personal Happy Hour news is that my mum has been texting me positive things every morning in a show of loving support, and it’s making me smile knowing she’s on my side!

Last of all is this interesting read from Scientific American that looks at animal and human psychology with regard to schizophrenia; I’ve never thought to question why non-human animals don’t get schizophrenia before so the article was enlightening, and could mean a step forward in understanding the causes of the illness.

What does your Hump-Day Happy Hour look like? @dontsayimcrazy on Twitter, or post a comment below!

Hump-Day Happy Hour 25/03/15

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