Workplace Tensions

Idleness doesn’t become me. I have booked a couple of days off to compliment the long weekend and I’m trying to do that ‘relaxing’ thing people talk about; so far, not so good! I am thankful for planned activities over today and tomorrow before I go back to work on Thursday.

I wanted to write a little about the problem of poor workplace relationships. On Tuesday a colleague was very rude to me over something that she perceived as my error, although I was in the right (she’d not made notes on the paperwork). It’s not the first time this has happened. What annoys me is that everyone just accepts her behaviour and makes excuses; ‘Oh that’s just what colleague X is like,’ and ‘we all know she has no interpersonal skills.’ As I told my manager last week – that doesn’t make it acceptable.

In truth, I am dreading going into the office on Thursday. I am good at sticking up for myself but I really shouldn’t even have to worry about that in the first place. I shouldn’t have to feel nervous every time she calls my name. I know that my work is solid and I am good at it; yes I’ve made mistakes (who doesn’t!) but I have learned from them and not repeated the errors.

After I spoke to my manager on Tuesday he suggested I have a chat with the colleague over coffee and clear the air. Absolutely not a problem; so I invited her to have a coffee and a chat. Her response was essentially that she’d rather do it in a meeting room and have our manager present – ‘to protect both of us’.

It’s very disappointing to be in the position that I find myself in. I’ve spent the last few years job-hopping and looking for somewhere I will be happy. Lots of temporary posts; good for the experience, bad for the CV. It has all been very beneficial to my skill set but nonetheless I really want to find somewhere I can bed in and feel comfortable.

Workplace Tensions

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