“Hello,” says the radio guy. 
“Welcome to your life.”

And stars sing sweet galactic 
nothings in my ears.

The prophets in the music 
pass melodic messages.

And how can I ignore
my written destiny?

When the neighbours are
aliens, waiting to strike.

And nights roll into days
into nights.

Watching the door and
protecting my king.

And I am a chess piece
the pawn sacrifice.

The little white candies
stick on my tongue.

And I refuse to play
this strange chequered game.

Engrossed in the work 
of those greatest minds.

And my manifest forms
the schedule of life.

Writing pages on pages;
my bible – inspired.

And black turns to grey
as does the white.

With full spectrum vision
the world shows up dots.

And atoms before me show
larger than life.

High on the wind the
ramparts are home.

And a breeze through my hair
scatters the thoughts.

Onto the next move, go
forwards with faith.

And I size up the darkness,
the noise of the silence.

This frantic sadness is
impossibly poignant.

And as I sit still I 
am running a race.

Again to the gurney and
again to the pricks.

And nothing is left but
love in the air.

The words are not spoken
the definition of trying.

And here I lay thinking
whys upon whys.

Today is another, the
first time I try.

And this time I mean it.


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