My Mission Statement

I heard a wonderful quote today: “Never look down on somebody unless you’re helping them up” (Jesse Jackson). It got me thinking about what my goals in life are; what am I aiming for? When I am old and frail, what will I count amongst my greatest successes?

Smile: sums up the attitude I take to everyday life. I am inclined to see other people as customers-of-sorts (my old work did some psychometric testing once, and I came out as a “circle” – resilient, bouncy and no sharp edges!). It’s hard to get through a day where I don’t manage to make a human connection with someone; whether that’s online, in the office or simply a giggle with my husband when I get home. Smiles matter to me!

Praise: I promise to praise others achievements. I also promise to praise myself for reaching those standards. After all, as much as I’m my own worst enemy I equally can be my own best friend. When I see a disheartened friend, colleague or just a guy on the bus; I will praise, compliment or otherwise cajole a smile from their downturned face. Credit for our actions is vital!

Love: I’m lucky; I have a lot of love in my life. Between my husband, my family, my friends and my online community I have all bases covered. I will always appreciate the love that I receive; I will always aim to give out just as much!

Activity: No resting on my laurels. Work keeps me busy, but I admit to being less than passionate about inputting data and checking through records. I need to do something worthwhile with my life – the site, Twitter, the shop. I have a voice and I fully intend to use it. It is vital to my sense of wellbeing to be heard; I will not stop shouting and lending my words to a cause I am truly passionate about.

Punk: I will always have a rebellious streak – and it’s a good thing (no, really!) . To me, punk is an expression of being dissatisfied with the world as it is, and represents an intrinsic need to do something about it. I will be a punk today, in whatever way I am able!

I am always going to be me; I just want to ensure I’m the ‘best me I can be’.

My Mission Statement

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