Examples of Psychosis

When you’re living in another reality it is easy to get lost in the world you perceive to surround you. There is no way to understand the people who try to reason with you that you are lost in a universe created entirely by your mind. In fact, this can lead to much hostility from the person in psychosis.

Here are just a few things I wrote about during psychotic episodes:

“It sucks you in but you know it isn’t real. Suspension of disbelief cannot work when you know you are disbelieving. You see the rush and push along that is guided by another’s hand to show you only what you need to know and hides secrets to the end.”

“So watching the world is a screen but more than that it is cinema and bright and dazzlingly loud.”

“I am losing myself in thoughts of taking off escaping. Gravity is an illusion, head to the stars and to a better place.”

“The void is the space within matter the empty space in the atom. That’s where the answers are and that’s where I’m going. It is big and scary and exciting and so tempting.”

“Are thoughts mind or matter? They are the influence of mind on matter perhaps? Your mind is setting off the impulses to create the thoughts.”

As you can see, there’s no cohesion in these thoughts. Reading them back, they make perfect sense to me; because I experienced them and understand the (flawed) logic behind them. But I will be happy if I can live my life without experiencing that alternate reality ever again.

Examples of Psychosis

4 thoughts on “Examples of Psychosis

  1. Totally get this. It’s all boringly and embarrassingly cliched isn’t it? (I don’t mean you are) I think I only ever believed I was ill when I realised that thinking the cia were after me was the best I could come up with! I’d like to think in reality I’d have something more original! What you say makes absolute sense x

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    1. I feel like a walking cliché some days – although I managed to avoid the ‘Jesus/Messiah’ one! Reading back my journal entries for the really bad days is almost like remembering a dream – it still feels hazy and yet they were the only thoughts that held any clarity or sense to my mind at the time…

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to reply xx

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  2. filsdesam says:

    I was delusional for two months, paranoid that the people around me were “out to get me” but I didn’t know why. I began lying to friends to withhold information in order to keep myself safe, and of course they eventually caught on to the lies and distanced themselves from me. Towards the end I wasn’t speaking because I feared there were listening devices placed in my apartment and clothing. Suicidal thoughts came, delusions, hallucinations, etc, and finally when I was on the edge, I decided to talk to someone about my fear. I was in the hospital by the time the sun set that day, and they were telling me the last few months had been a lie. After starting medication and treatment, I realized how powerful a delusion can be. Though I had heard of it before, I always thought it would never happen to me. It IS reality for the person, and is the scariest thing ever. Though they still appear every so often, I think the treatment and medication have helped, and after a while I am able to tell myself it isn’t real. Thanks for posting this.

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    1. It started the same way with me – I thought my neighbours were aliens and were trying to get to me; I went for days at a time without sleep because I knew I had to stay awake to protect my husband and I. I recall one chat with a friend at the pub where I tried and tried to explain that I could ‘see’ the atomic structure of the world and I remember getting frustrated to the point of silence when she couldn’t understand what was clear to me! Delusions are truly an alternate reality and so very dangerous. Like you, I still experience them from time to time but my insight is much better and I know the red flags to watch out for.


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