The Women in my Life

Earlier today I had the pleasure of chatting to a friend about my wonderful Nanny Noo; this post is inspired by that conversation. I realise today that I am blessed to have had so many wonderful people in my life, both male and female, but I wanted to spend a little time telling you about two women who inspire me every day.

The catalyst for the post is my maternal grandmother; known to our family as Nanny Noo. Now in her 90s, she is in a care home and rarely even leaves her bed. From my perspective it seems she has aged ten years since she was forced to move out of her home, but the truth of it is that there was no other way forward. But notwithstanding the sadness of the present situation, our family is blessed to have her in our lives. Looking back, I suspect that whilst my granddad thought he wore the trousers, it was actually our matriarch that ruled the roost. From Nanny Noo I formed a true sense of belonging to my extended family; we would all gather at hers on a Saturday and eat cheese and ham rolls. The memories I have of this family time leave residual feelings of warmth and home. I don’t doubt for a second that Nanny Noo had steel in her soul. It was simply that her steel was the foundation for our childhood’s safe haven.

Coming down a generation, and you find my own mother; you’ve seen her posting as Maz on the blogs. It would be lies to say we’ve had a smooth relationship – rebellious teenager meets teacher; never going to end well. With the benefit of a few years hindsight however, it is obvious to me that at her very core is an endless font of love for her children. I admire it. I hope to embody it. I hope she realises that I love her too. After all, this is the woman who simultaneously yelled at me and held my hair when I came back from a party paralytic – that is love only a mother can know.

I am under no illusions that I am a long way off being the woman I want to be; but I have the signposts all in place to follow to get me there.

The Women in my Life

One thought on “The Women in my Life

  1. My beautiful, courageous “little girl”……you always know how to make me cry! I love you sweetheart. You are amazing and I never fail to be blown away by your underlying determination and resilience. Happy birthday to the first best present delivered to me all those years ago. xxxx


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