Prompt – Mental health in tech

There’s a secret in the world of mental health, and it is super-well-kept. Prompt have started a mission to blow the cobwebs of shame from the issues of mental ill-health in the tech world, and they need your help!

After first responders, people working in technical jobs are the most likely to experience mental illness or ill-health during their careers. Be they system administrators, web designers or developers, the problem is being ignored and it seems many are trying to solve their own problems without proper support. Be it depression, anxiety, bipolar, or anything else you care to pick from the DSM, mental illness – real, life-changing illness – is still heavily stigmatised in the tech world.

It’s a tricky subject, and Prompt is hoping to ‘open the door and say it’s ok to have issues and it’s ok to reach out for help.’ Their plan is to fund speakers on mental health subjects and provide them with the resources to get out there and start spreading the message that it’s nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. They are also providing a link between organisations and speakers so that talks can be arranged and more people can be reached.

Essentially, they are looking for funding to get them on this awesome path to spreading the word. The money raised is to allow them to get speakers to events – things like travel costs and accommodation so that the voice of advocacy can be heard all through the tech industry. The benefits to their mission are far-reaching; any open and honest conversation and education goes a long way towards ending stigma.

If you feel you can spare a few pounds/euros/dollars/your-currency-here to help them towards their cause, they have an indiegogo page with multiple levels of backing available.

If you’ve got a couple of minutes spare, you can find out all about Prompt in the video below.

Prompt – Mental health in tech

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