Back in the UK

Where to begin? I haven’t posted for a little while, mostly due to work being busy (which is awesome) and being away since Thursday at a tech show (even more awesome!). I got home at 11 this morning and now I think everything is hitting me all at once.

I am super proud of myself for coping with travelling solo. Last time I flew was 2011 with Luke for our mini-moon in Edinburgh, and left all the airport navigation to him. I am not a confident traveller. I don’t even like taking a bus route in the UK that I’m unfamiliar with so the prospect of flying to Berlin was stressful. Getting myself to Heathrow and onto the plane was fine. Touching down was… terrifying (did I mention I hate flying?). But I’d done it, I made it to Berlin!

Over the past couple of days I got public transport everywhere. Buses, S-bahn, all taken in my stride. Yesterday, the expo was exhausting; we got there at 10am and spent 6 hours live blogging the event. Being paid to blog? Awesome! I typically don’t do too well in crowds, or with noise. I coped.

Today, I left the hotel at 4:50 and legged it to the bus stop. Wheels up at 7:30, wheels down and hour and thirty later. Mad rush through passport control, mad rush to collect bags, mad rush to bus. And home. Gosh it was good to be home.

Since getting back, I’ve found my mood changing. At first, I just wanted to sleep for a while. And then a bit more. But, my mind is somewhat racing now; I feel… off (for want of a better word).

I am hoping for a nice, solid night’s sleep, and hoping that resets my brain a bit. My suspicion is that I’ve kind of powered through the past few days and sort-of-kind-of been pretending I can deal with more than perhaps I actually could. I am glad to be home, but I can’t quite relax. And I don’t like it.

Please don’t let this become a problem.

Back in the UK

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