Friday, Halfway

As I seem to have posted a lot this week I thought it only right to round off the week with yet another mind-dump. It’s been an up-and-down week, a right rollercoaster of high/low/high and I’ve really, really, not enjoyed it. Things have improved as the days have ticked by and I’m hoping that this weekend will be a chance to do a reset and refill my mental engine oil.

This week reminded me a lot of spoon theory. I suspect that the Berlin business trip meant I needed to borrow spoons many days in advance of their availability, and then I tried to do a full working week in deficit. Usually I am mindful of what I can manage, and lately I have been able to do more things without burning myself out – things like late nights on Mondays so I can go to the pub quiz or doing the food shop with hubs and dad.

My resilience has been lower this week than it had been in a long time. Little things – website malfunctions, Colleague X, an innocent but insensitive comment from a fried – have sent my anger meter sky-rocketing. I’ve been hypo-ish and/or mixed every day, but thankfully as each day passes I can see and feel things settling back to normal. I visualise it like the image below (hastily thrown together in MS Paint!), and I’m aiming to get the indicator back to zero by Monday morning so that I can get back on my best game.



The website is going to be undergoing a redesign in the near future which I am hoping will make things a little easier to find. Things like separating the blog, the creative writing and the ‘Spotlight On’ articles so you guys can navigate to what you want to see without having to trawl through articles. Whilst I’m thinking about it, don’t forget that you can have your say with the polls available via the menu button.

Friday, Halfway

2 thoughts on “Friday, Halfway

  1. Hi Alley. A little while back Milly contacted me to ask if I’d read your thoughts on the semi colon project. I said I had and was very impressed. She then said I should read your blog (being untechy I hadn’t realised there was a blog) as it was brilliant. So I did. And she was right! It is absolutely amazing. Your writing style is direct and from the heart and is so very concise and poignant. It took me a few hours but I read the lot. Being weird (or should that be dumb?) I read it from the present back to its inception, which gave it an interesting twist, especially where Colleague X is concerned. Alley, I am humbled by your frankness and openness. I think you are mega bloody inspirational. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Debbie. xxx

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    1. Hey Debbie! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and even read the whole thing! I am so fortunate and blessed to have so many supportive people in my life who don’t judge me and take the time to read my (rambling) writing. You and your family have always made me feel like one of the clan and for that I’ll always be grateful. Thank you xxx

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