The Liebster Award

The lovely Moze of MozePray just left an equally lovely comment on my blog nominating me for The Liebster Award and I was so delighted; it made my day!

It is so nice to know that my blog is making a difference to at least one person’s day, writing about mental health issues is not easy but it is very therapeutic.

Here are the rules, if you are nominated:

Each nominee must have under 200 followers

Thank and link to the nominating blog

Answer their 10 questions and propose 10 new ones for your nominees

Nominate 10 blogs and tell them that they’ve been nominated

Write a post containing the questions

Include these rules in the post

Here are the questions posed by my nominator:

1) What would you like to accomplish with your blog?

I want to speak out for mental health awareness and increase people’s knowledge – in that way I want to contribute to the end of stigma and shame.

2) How often do you post to your blog?

Oh gosh – I try for two posts a day (but don’t hold me to that!)

3) Do you still read the newspaper?

I don’t! I don’t get much opportunity to read it but I keep up with the news on the telly most mornings, plus anything that pops up on my Twitter feed.

4) What’s your stance on fighting stigma regarding mental illness?

That’s something I am so passionate about. We need to speak out to reduce the attitude that there’s something wrong with people who suffer mental ill health. We’re not sub-human! We just face increased challenges in our lives, more barriers to overcome (and stigma is a barrier we just don’t need.)

5) What is one place you would like to travel to in the world?

Since we were little, my brother and I always talked about going to Nova Scotia to see the seals. Don’t ask why we decided that was the place to go to see them. Also, don’t ask why we were obsessed with seals 🙂

6) Name something odd about yourself that you do.

There’s a few odd things. Maybe the weirdest is licking all the flavour off Doritos but not actually eating them.

7) Do you like photography?

Good photography is truly beautiful. I have a friend who is a fabulous photographer and I love looking through his snaps. I also love the fact I have photos of all the lovely times I’ve had.

8) Do you have any pets?

We rent a little flat here in the UK and the tenancy agreement is no pets. I love dogs especially and we dogsit for friends and family whenever we can.

9) Mac or Windows?

Windows… Mostly because I have no patience to learn a new OS!

10) Why did you start a blog?

I needed an outlet and I wanted to make some sort of difference in the world by speaking about my mental health.

These are the blogs I have nominated:

The never ending headache
The Angela Project

I’ll add more as I find them 🙂

Here’s the questions for you nominees:

1) How long have you been blogging for?

2) What is the number one challenge in your life?

3) Dogs or cats?

4) Do you prefer reading or watching telly?

5) What’s your top tip for dealing with emotional distress?

6) Who was your first celebrity crush?

7) What do you love about yourself?

8) Would you rather be a famous singer or actor?

9) Twitter or Facebook?

10) What is your highest ambition in life?

The Liebster Award